Here are some clips from different projects that Kroumata have done over the years. See more: 

Kroumata school concerts:

Kroumata - Cooking Tiger 2009 ⇒
Trailer for Kroumata Tur & Retur ⇒

Kroumata in Swedish Radio 2. From ISCM Festival 2009, Gothenburg 2nd October 2009:

Kroumata P2 Live ⇒

ISCM Festival 2009:

Kroumata and Gothenburg Opera Orchestra ⇒
Toccatta by Ivo Nilsson ⇒
Shadows by Jean-Luc Darbellay ⇒
Air compressor ⇒
The truck ⇒

Ultima Festival 2009:

Kroumata with Sisu ⇒
Kroumata, Sisu and Pinquins ⇒

Concert at Capitol 2 september 2009:

Interview with André Chini (Swedish)
Kroumata playing Resan till Gotland (Journey to Gotland)

More clips with Kroumata:

Kroumata and actress Stina Ekblad 1 ⇒
Kroumata and actress Stina Ekblad 2 ⇒
Kroumata and Erika Sunnegårdh ⇒
Träd, John Eriksson

Celia Azur, Johan Silvmark
Áskell Másson Ora
Kroumata parody by Killinggänget (Swedish comedians)

Kroumata at Barents Spektakel in Kirkenes, Norway, 28 January 2009. Music by Rolf Wallin, Iannis Xenakis and MacchinAria by Mats Larsson Gothe:

Kroumata at Barents Spektakel 2009 ⇒

Kroumata performs John Cage at Capitol 2/5 2008

Amores, John Cage
Branches, John Cage
Radiomusic, John Cage